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Slow Living

    Top 5 Benefits of Slow Living – Part 1

    Nowadays, the majority of us spend so much of our time on autopilot, rushing from one duty in our hectic lives to the next, and getting caught up in the repetitive rat race of our job, school, chores, and family, that we fail to see how quickly time is passing.

    Unfortunately, many of us get stuck in the belief that our accomplishments and excess of material possessions define who we are. However, it’s time for all of us to learn how to take things a little slower, stop to consider what really matters, and be present when it counts. Living slowly has benefits for all of us.

    What is a slow life?

    At first, a ‘slow life’ may sound boring to you. It could appear unproductive or even reckless.  However, changing over to a slow life for yourself might be the most amazing and liberating thing you’ve ever done.

    A slow life is a method of living and a mentality that encourages living at a more leisurely pace. It is believed to have originated in Italy when there was a large emphasis placed on ‘slow food movement’, which focused heavily on how slow, home-cooked meals are far better for you and your health than fast food.

    The slow living movement is based on the same principle. The benefits to your general health of taking the time to breathe, appreciate life, and do things well are considerably greater. You’ll have the time and energy you require to live your life fully and be the person you were put here on this world to be, if you keep things simple and organised.

    Benefits of slow living

    While there are so many advantages to slow living, we can categorise the majority of them into five basic groups:

    • Improved Health
    • Reduced anxiety and stress
    • Stronger connections
    • More time for your favourite activities
    • A rise in general contentment

    The truth is that each of us only has one life to live, and as we race to cross things off our to-do lists, that life is slipping away. It’s time to calm down your pace of life.

    1-Improved Health

    The physical wellness of your body will benefit from moving more slowly. Consider the daily activities you would enjoy if you had the time. Does going for a walk outside, riding a bike, or going to the beach come to mind?

    Many of us tend to picture ourselves outside, taking in the beauty of nature when we think of a calm, joyful, and leisurely way of life.

    Going outside will raise your heart rate, boost your mood and vitality, and the lovely sun (in moderation) will give you all the Vitamin D you require. Because it strengthens our bones, fights disease-causing free radicals, and is crucial for maintaining healthy teeth and bones, vitamin D is vital for our bodies.

    A slow life is beneficial for your body for many reasons, not only the fact that nature plays a significant part in health and wellbeing. Living slowly will give you the time to make wiser, healthier decisions, like cooking more balanced meals at home and avoiding the drive-through.

    2-Reduced Anxiety & Stress

    Everyone seems to encounter stress, anxiety, or depression at some point in their lives, but more individuals than ever before suffer from these mental diseases over an extended period of time, and these conditions can have a significant impact on your life.

    People who lead slower lives typically breathe more deeply, feel more at ease, and feel less hurried. Making time to take in your surroundings is a terrific approach to psychologically relax and put the stress behind you.

    Living slowly provides you more opportunity to view each circumstance in a different perspective and enables you to deal with one problem at a time, even though there is no way to escape life and some of the stress it tends to bring.

    3-Stronger connections

    Although some relationship problems are unavoidable, altering the dynamics of a failed relationship can reduce divorce rates and enhance your ability to connect with others.

    Any relationship, whether it be with your spouse, child, workplace, etc., can be severely strained by stress and anxiety. For you to feel balanced and content, all of these connections must function properly together. You struggle to focus, manage your emotions, and even be reasonable when you’re stressed or anxious.

    We miss out on the crucial things that matter to us the most when we spend our lives fitting into a time limit, a deadline, or a number of goals. Pressing pause from time-to-time allows us to spend more meaningful time with our loved ones.

    4-More time for favourite activities

    What is your favourite hobby that helps you relax and unwind? Imagine having more time to do this?

    Have you ever told yourself, “Next week, I’m going to sign up for that art class I’ve been wanting to try out,” or “This summer, I’m going to take that weekend getaway I’ve been planning for years”? When the time arrives and winter gradually sets in, do you realise that it never happened?

    You only get one chance in this life, so live it up and make the most of it. Why keep passing on those holidays or hobbies that you could fall in love with and make amazing memories?

    One of the most crucial aspects of leading a leisurely life is making time for YOU. Finding yourself, loving yourself, and, when necessary, forgiving yourself. Let’s try to live without regret.

    5-More Content

    This one speaks for itself! The evidence above makes it quite clear that leading a slower paced life encourages general happiness and wellbeing.

    Simply being able to pace yourself and not feel pressure to go from one task to the next can make you feel happier and lead to a more successful and prosperous life.

    How do I live a slow life

    How do I live a slow life?

    While we have discussed and seen the benefits of slow living, how do we make this a reality? It may sound easier said than done. Stay tuned for part 2 next week, entitled: “How to live a slow successful life’.

    In the meantime, if you are struggling with a mental health condition and want to get back to feeling your best self and enjoying life, we can help. Our team of experienced psychologists are here to guide you and offer practical suggestions and coping techniques to help you find your way. To book, click here or call our friendly reception team on 1800 327 477 (AU) / 0800 327 477 (NZ).