Panic Attacks


A panic attack is a sudden onset of intense anxiety that usually happens without any warning. It is also often accompanied by powerful physical reactions. Panic attacks can be very frightening – you may feel like you are collapsing, losing control, experiencing a heart attack, or even dying.

The panic usually reaches its peak after 10 minutes but can take up to 30 minutes to subside. It can leave you feeling temporarily drained and exhausted.

Online Treatment for Dealing with Anxiety Panic Attacks

A panic attack describes the frightening physical reactions some people experience in reaction to acute anxiety. It can include sweating, shaking, hyperventilation, increased heart rate and nausea. Understandably these physical symptoms can be terrifying and often lead people to think they may be having a heart attack, fainting or lead them think there is something seriously wrong with them. In turn these worrying thoughts cause further anxiety and panic symptoms, creatively a negative vicious cycle.

Often anxiety and panic attacks are experienced together. There are many reasons why someone may experience anxiety including a fear of humiliation or embarrassment, fear of physical sensations, or fear of some external threat (like a spider).Quite understandably the sufferer begins to avoid things that trigger their anxiety. If left untreated anxiety and panic attacks can lead to a loss in quality of life as the sufferer feels more and more restricted by what is deemed ‘safe’.

You can get online help and treatment for dealing with panic attacks. We use proven strategies to help you to overcome panic and anxiety. Specifically we can help you to understand the science of these frightening physical symptoms and the reasons why you are experiencing them.

This online treatment will help you to see the biological purpose of panic and learn ways of managing and reducing the impact it has on your life. Ultimately we will support you to overcome anxiety and your fear of panic attacks and re-discover your ability to cope.


A panic attack happens when the ‘flight-or-fight’ response is triggered but there is no danger present. You may experience an attack even in relatively stress-free situations, such as while asleep or watching television.

Panic attacks can be caused by chronic or acute stress, changes in the way your brain functions, a change of environment i.e stuffy room or even by some drugs and medications.

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