Private Health Insurance

If you are struggling with your mental health and have private health insurance cover, you may be wondering whether your policy will cover the cost of
your sessions at Positive Mind Works. Please read on to learn more.

Does private Health care cover psychology

As there are many different levels of health care cover, we always recommend that you check with your insurers first to see whether mental health appointments are covered with your individual policy. The rebate that your private health insurance provides will again depends on the insurers rebate policy and your individual level of cover. You may find that psychology has a combined annual limit. Your health insure should be able to help you determine what payment you are entitled to for psychology sessions.

Can I claim on Both medicare and private
health insurance?

Unfortunately not. You may either claim from private health insurance OR Medicare. Your health insurance will not cover the ‘gap’ between your psychology appointment fee and the Medicare rebate received. The receipt that we issue will have a specific code either for your private health insurance cover or for Medicare depending on which you wish to use.

How does private insurance
for psychology work?

At the time of making your appointment, please let our reception team know that you wish to use private health care cover. This is important so that we can ensure the fee code is correct and that your account is properly set up.

After your appointment, we will charge the full appointment fee to your provided card that is stored securely on our system. Once payment has been taken, you will receive a receipt. Please then provide your receipt to your healthcare insurance fund and they will provide the necessary rebate for you.

Please note that we have a 48-hour cancellation period. If you do not attend your appointment or cancel at short notice within our 48-hour cancellation window, you will still be charged 50% of your appointment fee. This cannot be claimed back from your insurance. As a result, if you need to reschedule, please ensure you provide 48 hours’ notice.

Health Anxiety Assessment

If you have any questions about health care insurance or psychology funding, please feel free to discuss this with our friendly reception team on: 1800 327 477 (AU) / 0800 327 477 (NZ) or drop us an email to: