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Medication Review

When you met with your psychiatrist, after a detailed examination, they may have discussed with you the benefits of beginning a certain medication.
A medication review is a follow-up appointment with your psychiatrist to ensure that you are taking the correct medication type and optimal dose for your symptoms/condition. It also provides you the chance to discuss any concerns or any possible unwanted side effects that you have experienced.

Will I need a medication Review?

Our psychiatrists can assess how effectively your medication is working since they are trained in the area of medicine that examines how drugs affect the brain. Following a review of your medications, your psychiatrist will discuss their clinical judgement and whether changing your prescription could lessen side effects or help with symptoms.

Medication review appointments with your doctor may be an important part of your treatment plan. This type of review is especially essential if your condition or symptoms have not responded well to your current prescribed medication.

What to expect at your medication review appointment

At your medication review session, your treating psychiatrist will discuss with you all the medications that you are currently taking. This will include the dosage and the time you take them.

This appointment is a great opportunity to ask any questions that you may have or discuss any concerns that you may have. Our goal is that you are fully informed at all times and feel comfortable with your treatment plan.

Following your review, your doctor will explain their opinion on any change of medication. They may feel that adjusting your dosage or changing your type of medication will have a better outcome or reduce unwanted side effects that you may be experiencing.

Keep a medication log

You may find it helpful to keep a log of which medications you take on a daily basis. You may also want to include any symptoms that you experience (i.e. increase in anxiety levels, difference in moods). Doing so can help your psychiatrist to better understand the effects or benefits that your medication has on you personally.

A medication record can also be useful if your doctor makes any changes to your dosage or starts you on a new drug. This can only take a few minutes to jot down but can be a very helpful tool to improve your care and any on-going medication decisions.


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