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    Inner-Wisdom – What is it?

    Inner wisdom is a term we use to describe our capacity to connect with our authentic selves. We are all inevitably influenced by life around us and it is normal to check in with ourselves and assess how we fit in with the rest of the world. Inner wisdom is our ‘gut feeling’, it is our intuition and inner guide that we can trust to point us in the right direction. In order to channel this ability, we must set aside our ego and ideas of how things should be and instead tune into what feels right. Unfortunately, issues tend to arise when we are predominantly driven by our ego, prioritising external opinions or expectations over our true self.

    By acknowledging and accepting our natural human emotions whilst also acting in a mindful and respectful manner towards ourselves and others, we are able to connect with our wise mind. This state of mind cultivates acceptance, allows us to acknowledge our imperfections and work toward positive changes that align most with who we are.

    How else can our inner wisdom benefit us?

    When we feel connected with ourselves on a mental, spiritual and/or emotional level, we are infused with confidence to make decisions based on our unique circumstances.

    Inner wisdom can provide us with direction and purpose when we are feeling stuck in life. It can help us to move from stagnation and reduce our resistance to change.

    Inner wisdom can provide us with a sense of comfort during difficult times as it steers us instinctively towards the supports we require to help us.

    Inner wisdom stimulates creativity and helps us to find greater meaning in tasks and roles in day-to-day life.

    Whilst it is an innate ability, inner wisdom is often buried under feelings of anxiety, stress, doubt, fear, or depression. The challenge lies in our ability to access our intuition and know when it is speaking to us. Whilst cultivating inner wisdom heavily involves experimentation and experience, having a framework and toolkit to help channel this ability is an invaluable resource.

    Inner Wisdom E-book

    Hannah Orpin, one of our registered psychologists at Positive Mind Works has created an e-book ‘Growing Inner Wisdom’ which serves as a practical guide to help readers access this ability. The e-book contains a series of tools including self-reflection questions, thought exercises, meditation and worksheets to help readers develop a deeper understanding of themselves, which is key in connecting with our intuition. The tools and concepts in her e-book are drawn upon empirically validated psychological frameworks including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

    Hannah’s e-book is available here.

    Tapping into our inner wisdom takes practice. Similar to working your muscles when you exercise, the more you use your gut, the stronger you will become at accessing your inner wisdom.

    Growing Inner Wisdom

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