Relatively new technologies such as mobile phones have drastically altered our work life, social life and personal life. Much has been said about the negative impact this technology has had on society, but what if it also has the potential to improve your psychological well-being when used correctly?

Mobile Applications

Deep breathing aids, Mindfulness guides, Sleep Hygiene monitors and Thought diaries that you can carry around in your pocket. These are some of the many options mobile technology has made readily available and, in combination with psychoeducation from an experienced psychologist, can increase the likelihood of a positive long-term outcome.

Compter Games

The immersive nature of videogames, augmented reality and virtual reality create an environment in which real world problems can be tackled in a controlled digital environment. After becoming confident practicing psychological strategies in this controlled environment, you can then generalize the skills learnt into your everyday life.
With mobile phone data becoming ever-present and increasingly more reliable, it not only allows online psychology to be equally as effective as traditional psychology, but also to go beyond it in new and exciting ways.
Imagine confronting your fear of public places/heights/cockroaches for the first time with your psychologist on hand to provide words of encouragement via headphones connected to your mobile phone.


Therapeutic guidance during exposure to real world settings

Imagine being able to learn mindfulness in your local park surrounded by nature.
Imagine asking your psychologist to help you challenge the negative and irrational thoughts you have that lead to your fear of flying while in the airport waiting for your flight.
Well you don’t have to imagine any longer.It’s now possible.

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