Weight Loss

Struggling with Weight Loss or Healthy Eating?

Have you got concerns with food or body image? Are you embarrassed or worried about your body or eating habits? Obesity, binge eating, purging and restricting food can all be serious and debilitating problems. Longstanding issues can lead to depression, anxiety, isolation, relationship breakdown and overwhelming feelings of shame and guilt. If not effectively treated eating difficulties may have a significant impact over the course of a lifetime. Many people battle with these issues on their own because they are too embarrassed to seek professional help. Don’t suffer needlessly, access effective and professional support to resolve these concerns.

Online Help for Weight Loss

There is a range of online treatment options and psychology services available that are known to be helpful to overcome binge eating, improve body image and weight loss, these include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness Techniques.

We specialise in working with these common concerns:

  • Cycle of Emotional Eating/ Drinking
  • Overeating or starving to compensate for bingeing
  • Feeling out of control around food
  • Secret eating
  • Unrealistic rules about healthy foods and then bingeing on unhealthy foods
  • Portion sizes
  • Pretending that you’re okay with your weight when you’re not
  • Enhancing your motivation for change
  • Confidence in being able to change
  • Self-esteem and the relationship this has with Body image
  • Self-sabotage and barriers to change
  • Ways of enhancing sustainable change as it relates to eating, drinking, and physical activity

Do you find it hard to talk about your concerns regarding body image and/ or eating? Many people find this hard to talk about face to face with a psychologist. An online psychologist is available to work with you now on secure instant messenger. For many people typing rather than talking has given an opportunity to raise and resolve things never previously discussed. Please use this link to register with a psychologist who is available via our secure messenger system.

Are you looking to achieve sustainable weight loss? Research indicates that traditional diet/ exercise programs are effective (but often only short term), individualised support from a psychologist can help you to make this change sustainable. Positive Mind Works will help you to tackle the root of the problem rather than just the symptoms. An online psychologist will help you to develop an understanding of how this problem has arisen and implement effective ways of addressing your unworkable/unhealthy habits.

Positive Mind Works online help and services for weight loss allows you to seek out professional, trusted and evidence-based support in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Please contact us to book a 100% confidential appointment and find out how we can support you to improve your satisfaction with body image and achieve your weight loss goals.

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