Acceptance And Commitment Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is considered a subtype of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It is a popular approach for assisting with a number of common conditions. ACT counselling is often used successfully to address behaviour change such as sustainable weight loss, adjusting to change, trauma, overcoming depression, loss/ grief and anxiety. Online acceptance and commitment therapy typically focuses on helping you to realign your life if you have drifted from what is truly important to you. Or perhaps you have yet to clarify what is truly meaningful to you. ACT will help you to clarify your values and chart your course in life in order to make life meaningful. This form of therapy will also help you to overcome the hurdles that will inevitably arise in life.

‘What you resist, persists. What you accept, transforms.’


ACT Psychological Therapy Different from CBT

This approach feels rather different from traditional CBT, whereas traditional CBT will encourage you to analyse and explore evidence for negative thinking. ACT has a very different goal,  this model incorporates elements of mindfulness, values and acceptance.  The fundamental principle of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is that the problem rests in our struggle for happiness. Further to this principle is the knowledge that human beings do face negative thoughts and feelings and sometimes it is not helpful to avoid these things. Many of the interventions in ACT help train individuals to open up and accept their current reality (whatever this may be). This does not mean we simply accept things but it does free us up to become better problem solvers. Within a couple of online acceptance and commitment therapy sessions, things often begin to feel easier, however, the irony is that one must stop struggling to push negative thoughts and feelings away for this sense of peace to occur.

ACT Counselling Services with Positive Mind Works

You can expect sessions to be focused on helping you identify what is really important to you and using this information to guide you. Rather than analysing thoughts you will learn techniques which will change the power these thoughts have over you. Online Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) also offers you powerful techniques that will help you to manage overwhelming emotions as they arise. You can find Positive Mind Works ACT Therapists listed on the nationally recognised directory.  The online psychologists who work with ACT have all been trained in this particular type of therapy and have gained many years of experience.

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