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Online Self Assessment Tools

Struggling to determine what’s ‘normal’, what’s not and if you need help? Making the decision to work with a psychologist can be immensely beneficial. However, mental health is usually not as clean-cut as physical health, leading people wondering if they need professional support or not. This is where an online self-assessment can help.

At Positive Mind Works, we take a comprehensive view of mental health and emotional wellbeing. We recognise that nearly everyone can benefit from working with a professional. Whether you’re identifying and working to manage dysfunction or simply looking to know more about yourself, we can assist you. While the online self-assessment tools below will help you to understand your current situation better they do not take the place of a thorough assessment with one of our psychologists, results from these assessments do not equal diagnosis. Please use these self-assessment tools as a starting place and if you are concerned about your results, please get in touch with our team.

How Happy Are You?

Positive Mind Works aims to help people reach their own personal version of happiness and success. We understand that the goals one person may have and what techniques work for them may be totally different from someone else. Below you will find a choice of self-assessment tools including an online quiz measuring happiness.  Complete as many of these online self-assessments as you would like and feel free to contact the team should you have any questions.

Online Self Assessment for Depression

Are you feeling down, depressed or hopeless? It’s a common problem which affects 1 in 4 of us. Complete this reliable psychological test and find out more about ways of overcoming low mood.

Happiness Quiz

If you’re interested in enhancing your happiness and quality of life then you first need to take a baseline recording. Complete the Satisfaction with Life Scale and discover ways of increasing your happiness.

Post Natal Depression
Postnatal Depression Scale

It is difficult to tell the difference between changes associated with a new baby and the onset of postnatal depression. Complete this questionnaire to help you to know if and when to seek help.

pre-post-natal depression
Health Anxiety Assessment

Are you wondering how stressed over your health you are? Take this short online self-assessment for health anxiety to help you to know if and when to seek help.

Online Self Assessment for Stress

Are you wondering how stressed you are? Take this short online self-assessment for anxiety to get an indication of how stressed you actually are. After completing the Perceived Stress Scale you will get a stress score and tips on overcoming stress.

Online Binge Eating Scale

Concerned that you have some unhealthy habits with food? This brief online self-assessment will help you to explore your attitudes and behaviours with food. After completing the Binge Eating Scale (BES) online assessment we will send over some information about ways of overcoming unhealthy habits.