Further Information (FAQs)

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and included them here. You may find the answer to your question below. Please check our FAQs and if you would like further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Positive Mind Works is an online resource for common mental health concerns. We provide information on a range of topics, including self-help tips, resources and a free support forum. We are very proud of our modern-day solution to mental wellbeing. We are a national telehealth psychology service. Utilising the latest in health technology, connecting you with an experienced counsellor at the earliest opportunity so that you have minimal downtime and get back to being the best version of you.

All the therapists at Positive Mind Works are either Australian, or New Zealand Fully Registered Psychologists, each with a minimum of three years experience. So you can be confident you are speaking to a trusted health professional. We are cautious about who joins our team; our philosophy is quality over quantity. We have a core team of very experienced psychologists with a variety of backgrounds to be able to cover most requests. 

Our team includes Clinical, Educational, Counselling and General Psychologists. We also cover several languages including Mandarin, Polish, Cantonese, Portuguese, Spanish and well of course English. 

It is a rather confusing space with all these terms sounding very similar. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor, after qualifying as a doctor, they have continued their studies to specialise in psychiatry and can even prescribe medications.

A psychologist has completed a minimum of 7 years of academic study + internship or supervised practice, at minimum psychologists have completed a Bachelor + Masters/ Postgraduate Training in Psychology. They are trained to assess and treat mental health concerns by providing evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Psychologists will measure and report back progress and abide by strict ethical regulations.

Counsellors also complete academic training. However, there is more variation in terms of which pathway they have taken to become a counsellor. Counsellors also adhere to ethical guidelines and are trained to provide a safe, non-judgemental space for you to talk through and explore your concerns.

Yes, we take confidentiality very seriously as we understand how important it is for therapy to be safe and effective. The information you share will be kept confidential, and we will abide by the Code of Ethics for Psychologists. The only limitation to confidentiality is if there were serious concerns for your safety or the safety of someone else. In these rare cases, your psychologist will discuss their concerns with you first before attempting to contact your Gp or next of kin.



Yes, of course, it is just like face to face services. After your initial appointment, we will match you with a psychologist who is a good fit given your preferences, goals and situation. You are welcome at any time to swap to a different practitioner if you feel it is not a good fit. The relationship you develop with your counsellor is of great significance, so we want to make sure we get this right. Research demonstrates that 50% of the benefit of therapy is related to the ‘fit’ between client and counsellor.



Individual sessions are 50 minutes, and Couples Sessions are 60 minutes. Occasionally we may recommend a longer or shorter session depending on your needs. If for any reason the connection drops out during our appointment, we will add this time onto the end of the session, and in extreme cases, we may need to reschedule.



Our clients come from the four corners of the globe. We offer flexible appointments at a range of times to suit your availability. We are available early morning, business hours, evenings and weekends. If you do not see the time you would like available in the online booking system, please contact us, and we will try to accommodate.



The 20-minute initial appointment ($19) is a great way to test run things. You are not only testing to ensure that you can connect ok, but also ensuring that the counsellor is a good match for you. If it doesn’t feel quite right, you can book in with another team member. You can book up to three initial appointments until you feel you have found the person for you. 



You can book online here. If you would like same-day appointments or you would prefer to speak to someone, please use the contact page or freephone numbers AU 1800 327 477 or NZ 0800 327 477. We are happy to book a session for you.




We use a cutting edge Australian healthcare-specific video platform to enable high-quality webcam connection between you and your psychologist. It does not require any downloads and works well with Chrome and most other browsers. We will send you a link to access your appointment before your session. The secure video platform meets all industry regulations and is widely used across Australia by doctors, psychiatrists and many other health professionals.

We use a secure online telehealth platform service for text-based communication between you and your psychologist. To get started, book a session here

Yes, research has demonstrated that online services are as effective if not more so than face to face services. Check out this article in the Guardian. Please ask us for further information, and we would be happy to send you the most recent research on this exciting topic.



Speaking to a psychologist online can feel a little strange at first, but most people find that after the first session, they feel entirely at ease with the online platform. Occasionally telehealth may not be appropriate, for example, if you have a serious psychiatric condition. In this situation, your psychologist may suggest you speak to someone face to face and will assist you in contacting someone locally.



How many sessions will depend on your unique situation and goals. Most people will use between 6 and 12 sessions. After the first session, your psychologist should be able to give you an indication of how many sessions would be helpful.



Rates vary depending on the type of service, for details, please click here. Frequently rebates are available, and we also offer a sliding scale for low-income earners. Online services do tend to be a little cheaper than local face to face alternatives because we do not have the same office-based overheads. Please contact us for further information and to find out what discounts are available.



Yes, most insurance companies will provide a rebate for this service. You will need to check with your provider to find out exactly what your cover entitles you to.



Medicare provides a rebate for all Australians with a MHCP to access telehealth psychology sessions. The Gap payment fee is $40- $65. If you have a referral for a psychiatrist you may be entitled to a bulk billed appointment. Please contact our reception on 1800 327 477 to check your eligibility.