Typically EAP sessions can include relationship difficulties, including workplace bullying, performance management, coping with stress, alcohol and drug misuse or addiction, depression/anxiety and a range of other common concerns.

EAP can also include workshops delivered on a range of topics including mindfulness in the workplace, managing stress effectively, team building and strengths spotting. Strong research supports the many benefits of EAP including reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, increased levels of employee engagement.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Positive Mind Works offers a tailored service for organisations to offer their employees. This can include individual sessions, access to webinars, resources for personal and professional development.

This is an employer-sponsored workplace therapy service which provides confidential and free counselling to organisations’ employees and family members. Various options are available but frequently employers opt to provide a limited number of sessions of short term, goal-oriented counselling for employees and their direct family members.

These sessions can be used to address issues arising at work and/or personal life.

Employee assistance program

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