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Morning Routine

    Looking for a healthy morning routine?

    We are all aware of how wonderful it is when our days are full of joy, good vibes, and inspiring news. On the other hand, we also understand what it’s like to experience the complete opposite—days that are negative, stressful, and devoid of joy. And as we favour the former, we’ve written this article with a morning routine designed to help you lessen the stress in your life and get you off to a good start each and every day.
    The aim is to give you some of the most effective healthy morning routines that you can quickly implement in your life. These aren’t just any old routines either; they’ve stood the test of time and can help you quickly improve your general well-being and reduce stress if followed. Why not get started today?

    Morning Routine for a Less Stressful Life

    1-Wake up earlier

    Create a consistent resting and waking schedule that allows you to rise early. Make sure you don’t go back to sleep after you wake up; instead, read a chapter of your favourite book or write in your journal. Being an early bird is advantageous for focusing on mental wellness as well as for your physical health.
    When you block off some time in your morning, this can help you prepare for the day’s tasks and explore solutions to your morning worries, all without rushing around. It allows you to gather your thoughts, ready for the day ahead and will help you release stress.

    2-Wait before jumping on your phone

    When you wake up, don’t be in a rush to check your phone. Spend some valuable time planning your day with yourself. Your mind is at its most imaginative during this time, and you may find it easier to make decisions without any tension. Recognise that getting up and immediately reaching for your phone is a bad habit that just saps your morning vitality.
    Often as soon as people open their eyes, they instantly log into their not-so-stress-free social media accounts or begin reading new articles that causes stress. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to give up using your phone altogether, as that would be impractical for the vast majority of people. But instead, we advise allowing yourself a brief period of solitude in the morning before the stressful routine begins. We know that might sound difficult, but you could start by turning your phone off for an hour in the morning or leaving it on flight-mode – unless an emergency needs to be dealt with.

    3-Clean your space

    This morning practice is one of the simplest to skip, but when followed, it may significantly improve your mental health and general wellbeing.
    The good news is that all it takes are a few easy tasks, including making your bed and cleaning up when you wake up in the morning. Or, prior to going to sleep, decide what you want to wear the following day. Why? Well, because it can make you anxious to choose clothes in the morning and give you more things to think about.
    You should try to keep your room tidy and neatly arranged. There’s no denying that organising and cleaning your sacred bedroom creates a wonderful atmosphere and excellent energy. Follow this healthy morning routine to make your mornings stress-free. By doing this, you will finally establish the ideal mood that will inspire you and give you the motivation and energy you need to go through each day.

    4-Move your body

    Move your body

    Working up a sweat and boosting your adrenaline will help you manage stress levels. Exercising in the morning while listening to stress-relieving music might enhance your glucose tolerance, increase your circadian rhythm, lower your hunger for the rest of the day, and promote better sleep.
    Get your blood pounding and get morning stress chemicals like cortisol under control by going for a morning run or a Pilates workout. Even just a gentle walk outdoors in the morning will do you the world of good.

    5-Plan your day

    Just take each day as it comes. Reviewing the day you have ahead of you will make you feel more organised and prepared while reducing stress.
    Examine your daily schedule and plans to ensure that you are prepared and ready for a productive day. Write out any important tasks that need prioritising and block out some time for those. This will help you prevent morning stress.

    6-Make time for breakfast!

    Make time for breakfast!

    Make yourself a morning drink that you enjoy and turn on some morning stress-free music. Next, think about your breakfast, what can you eat that will be nourishing and sustain you, setting you up well for the rest of the day?
    To keep you content and full till midday, dieticians recommend that you stick with something light yet packed with protein, high in fat, and include complex carbohydrates. Avoid overeating to prevent stress, exhaustion, your stomach from being overworked, and sleeping at work.

    7-Make time for gratitude

    This is last on our list but probably one of the most effective tips. It just takes two to five minutes to complete, but it may radically alter how you feel about yourself, your day, and pretty much your entire life.
    All you have to do is simply sit quietly for a while and give thanks for what you have right now. Consider how wonderful it is that you have a job to help with the living costs. Consider yourself fortunate to have a roof over your head. And be grateful for everything else that you ordinarily take for granted.
    If you practice this every day, you’ll not only see that your tension starts to lessen with time, but you’ll also start to realise that you’re generally happier and in a better mood. Take extra time each morning to express your gratitude, and you’ll see how your life will start to improve on its own.

    In conclusion

    Make it a priority to use these suggestions listed above – even if you can only implement one tip each week to begin with.
    However, if you are struggling with balancing stress and feel overwhelmed with life, it may help to speak with a mental health professional. If you would like to learn more or are ready to speak with a psychologist, we are here to help. To book, click here or call our friendly reception team on 1800 327 477 (AU) / 0800 327 477 (NZ)