Healthy Productivity

8 Tips for Healthy Productivity

Do you ever feel as though you have a lot to do but not enough time to complete it?
The term ‘productivity’ refers to your output within a certain amount of time. In essence, it means doing tasks/activities that are important instead of those which are not. However, being busy does not automatically equal productivity.

At Positive Mind Works, we believe that being ‘productive’ is living a fulfilling and balanced life. That doesn’t mean that getting the ‘most’ things done but rather getting the ‘right’ things done.

8 tips to increase productivity

If you wish to improve your level of productivity – whether at work or in your personal life – try including some of these productivity tips in your daily routine. Be sure to keep an eye on what does and doesn’t work for you, that way you can create a lasting plan to improve your productivity in the long run.

#1. Stop multitasking
It can be tempting to try multitasking and juggle several tasks at once. Even while it may seem useful, this rarely produces good outcomes. You will accomplish each activity more quickly and to a higher standard if you concentrate solely on one at a time, allowing you to move on without interruption to the next one.

#2. Scheduling is key
Talking about something can be helpful but writing it down on your calendar makes it a reality. Planning a task and setting aside time in your day for it helps you to more efficiently tackle it. If something is important, it should have a time block in your schedule.

#3. Start small
We can easily overestimate the amount of time it will take to finish large jobs or projects because they can feel overwhelming. By segmenting activities into manageable, incremental milestones that build until your project is finished, it can help give you that push to carry on. For instance, during the day, respond to four emails at set intervals to empty your inbox.

#4. Establish daily routines
Consistency is key. Daily routines and habits are important because they provide your day with discipline and structure. Having a great morning routine is the first step in creating regular habits that will help you succeed. Learn more about healthy morning routines for good mental health here.

#5. Avoid distractions
It’s normal to be side-tracked – maintaining focus isn’t always easy. The good news is that it’s a skill that can be learned. Why not try to use a productivity app like Freedom, turn off your notifications, or put your phone in flight mode.

#6. Focus on the hard tasks first
It can be tempting to ignore challenging or time-consuming jobs and concentrate on the easier tasks at hand. However, you can improve your motivation and drive for the rest of the day by tackling your most challenging projects first. If you feel most productive early in the day, make larger tasks your priority. If you are not someone who is most productive in the morning, that is OK. Instead, schedule these challenging jobs into the time that works best for you.

#7. Learn to delegate
If you work in a team, have a look over your tasks and see if any can be assigned to other colleagues. We frequently take on tasks that are outside our scope or that others could complete far more quickly because they have a lighter load.
It’s not about delegating tasks you don’t want to do. Instead, it entails ensuring that everyone is engaged in tasks that are most appropriate for their abilities and availability.

#8. Rest is essential
It’s crucial to prioritise your rest and recovery – yet we live in a world that glorifies individuals who overwork and hustle themselves to exhaustion.
You need to give your body some downtime to rest so you can function at top capacity.

Your weight, productivity, happiness, and more will all suffer if you don’t get enough downtime or a regular good night’s sleep.
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