Men’s Mental Health a Hot Topic

Men’s mental health is a hot topic.. so hot we all keep talking about it, that is all of us other than the men who probably need to seek some help. You have probably noticed the message is getting out there. “Men you need to talk” despite the publicity this message attracts I don’t know that we are much better off yet in terms of results.


Male suicide continues to be one of the hardest hitting, avoidable tragedies that we face. Did you know that on average across Australia 6 men each day will take their own life. These men are your average men, they live in towns, cities and rural communities, they have families, and friends. Many live busy lives and the opposite to mindfulness have become caught up in their own inner turmoil. The one thing they have in common is that they leave behind a grief- stricken community who very rarely knew they were suffering.


Facts is that for many reasons men don’t want to talk, at least not in a traditional sense….


Recently I heard of a theatre production called ‘Honest’ by DC Moore. It is the story of a guy in a pub who nurses a beer whilst voicing his frustration and despair over the state of his life. The play ‘Honest’ bravely opens up themes of anger management, depression and authenticity, as this one man’s life unravels dramatically because of his desire to be honest with himself and those around him.


‘Honest’ encourages us all to think about some of the hard hitting issues that men grapple with, but much more than that it also gives us a forum for thinking about these issues which is far more acceptable than a beige therapists’ couch. The use of comedy, theatre and innovative charities such as Men’s Shed is opening up conversations about men’s mental health which I think are ultimately going to be far more powerful than purely encouraging men to “talk to someone”. Yes men do need to talk to someone but let’s be real, the current stigma makes it difficult for men to be vulnerable and we need creative solutions to overcome this problem.


If you are interested in seeing this dark and witty play ‘Honest’ performed by Matt Hyde at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe you will find him performing at Treasury 1860, 144 King William St, in Adelaide, with performances at 8pm from Tuesday 19th February – Sunday 3rd March 2019, 8pm. Tickets available here

I highly recommend it, not only will it open up your thinking but ‘Honest’ delivers a great laugh.


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