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How to Feel Carefree (But Not Careless)

In this fast-paced, modern world that we live in, do you find it hard to feel carefree? We seem to spend more time than ever feeling anxious or worried. A common complaint that we notice from many of our clients today is that they feel like stress rules their lives.

Would you like to learn how to feel carefree and start enjoying life, instead of enduring it?

Living a carefree lifestyle is one where worries do not overwhelm you because you are able to effectively manage your stress-levels and your own happiness. What’s more, caring less about the smaller things will help ensure your own sanity.

Just a quick word of warning – being carefree is not to be confused with being careless. A careless person is complacent, doesn’t pull their weight and is someone who may not respect others. This is not what we are trying to achieve here. Our goal is to let go of what we can’t control, to stop worrying and to start living. It’s caring about what counts but forgetting all the nonsense that doesn’t.

That said, here are eight of our top tips for letting go and feeling more carefree:

1 – Stop trying to be perfect!

You’ve likely heard it said before ‘no one’s perfect.’ While it’s true, many of us still secretly strive for perfection and then scold ourselves on occasions when we fall sort. Aiming for this unachievable goal can be a hinderance and can zap our joy. Refuse to let your vanity, pride or ego rule your life. Caring less helps you to loosen up and worry less about your imperfections, mistakes or failures.

2Spend some time doing nothing

Every now and then, you deserve some serious leisure time. Take the time to treat yourself without worrying that you are not being productive. Why not sit in the garden and listen to the birds sing, read your book on the couch with a hot drink or book a spa day. Whatever it is – just relax and enjoy life.

3 – Identify your stressors

Grab a notebook and jot down everything that overwhelms you or stresses you out. What is it that really makes you anxious? Try to cut out as many of these stress-causing factors in your life where possible. On the other hand, think about what makes you feel happy and carefree – and make more time for these things instead.

4 – Control your anger

At times, we get provoked and it can be hard to react in the right way. When someone irritates you, be the better person and remain calm and courteous. Conversations are about connecting with people. If you feel yourself getting angry, try the 10 second rule. Just stop talking, breathe and think things through. Sometimes all we need is a quick 10-second pause and the right reaction will come easier.

5 – Learn to love yourself

You are you, and that is amazing. If you want to be truly carefree, you need to learn how to love yourself first. Accept how you look and remember that you are unique. Focus on your strengths and not your weaknesses.

6- Release attachment to an outcome

It’s great to know what you want and to take steps to achieve that goal. But, don’t get so attached to having something turn out a certain way in order for you to be ‘successful’. This will only set you up for disappointment. Most often, when things don’t go exactly to plan, its surprising how things turn out far better than we could have imagined it anyway! Remember – bumps are not failures, they are feedback.

7 – Show gratitude

One of the simplest ways to be happier and to feel carefree, is to take the time to appreciate the here and now. Make it a daily habit to write down just three things that you appreciate most. It doesn’t matter what it is – all that matters is that it made you feel good. The more things that you find to be grateful for, the more easily you’ll feel happier, more optimistic and carefree about life in general. Learn more about the power of gratitude here.

8- Get outside more

Studies show that increasing the amount of Vitamin D you get from sunlight can boost serotonin levels – which helps you to feel less stressed overall. Whether you have a good reason to go outside or not, make it your aim to get some sun on your skin and breath fresh air for at least 15-20 minutes each day. This alone can work wonders for your mood. It’s pretty hard to be carefree and happy when you’re sitting around doing nothing or watching TV all day. Don’t trap yourself inside (if you don’t need to) instead, get outside and be active.

The takeaway

By following these eight steps above and learning to care about more about the things that matter and not about the things that will suck your time, energy and sanity, you’ll begin to live a much more carefree life.

However, sometimes more is involved and you may need help to move past certain traumas and emotions. If so, book an initial 20-minute appointment with one of our online psychologists who can help you learn tips and techniques to better focus your thought pattern and rid yourself of any anxiety or negative thinking.

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