EMDR Therapy

    EMDR is a powerful, evidence-based psychotherapy that aims to alleviate the emotional distress associated with traumatic memories.

    How does EMDR work?

    EMDR is believed to speed up emotional healing by replicating the REM part of sleep where your brain processes memories. Clients are encouraged to briefly focus on a traumatic memory whilst simultaneously engaging in bilateral stimulation guided by the therapist. Usually this is done by inducing rapid, rhythmic eye movements however other activities such as hand tapping and audio stimulation have also demonstrated similar effects.

    By accessing memories of a traumatic event whilst undergoing eye movements and guided instructions, EMDR aims to reduce the power of the emotionally charged memory and allow you to reprocess what you remember from that event without the painful sensations.

    What can EMDR help with?

    EMDR is most commonly used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) however it has also shown to significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders, depression, addictions, eating disorders and grief.

    What are the benefits of EMDR?

    EMDR is an effective tool for unblocking stagnant emotions due to unresolved trauma. Through this healing, we are able to gain a new perspective which comes with many benefits including:
    1. A greater sense of resilience, confidence and inner strength
    EMDR empowers individuals to confront their traumatic pasts, fostering a newfound sense of inner strength.
    2. Improved relationships
    3. Better sleep quality
    4. Increased happiness
    5. Better focus and concentration

    Am I a good candidate for EMDR?

    Clients should:
    • Be ready to process the emotions associated with the traumatic memories
    • Be able to be present in order to notice what’s happening to the body and mind during the sessions
    • Be able to tolerate some levels of distress
    • Have enough adaptive resources for coping
    • Not be experiencing any current delusions or hallucinations

    At Positive Mind Works, we have several experienced psychologists on the team who are able to deliver EMDR therapy online. If you have any questions or would like to make a booking, click here or call our friendly reception team on 1800 327 477 (AU)/ 0800 327 477 (NZ).

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