What it means to be Strong..

When to ask for help…..

Many of us find it very difficult to ask for help. Sure its perfectly ok for us to suggest to friends and family that they should seek some help. And theoretically speaking its ok for us to reach out when we need help. But in reality…. It’s a different story.

So many of us seem to carry this double standard that even though others are allowed to make mistakes and ask for help. When it comes to ourselves, we end up battling for far longer than we need to because asking for help brings with it a sense of failure, discomfort or vulnerability. And this is a space we would rather avoid right.

The funny thing about asking for help is the absolute hardest part is deciding you will do it and then making contact. After that, you guessed it, things generally become better pretty quickly!

There is a misguided belief held by some that speaking to a psychologist or counsellor is only for people who have hit rock bottom or who are really struggling. In fact the most effective time to reach out is way before then. Psychologists or counsellors can help you to think about what’s important in your life. We can help you to set some goals, to think about what’s necessary to achieve them, to overcome hurdles and enhance your wellbeing. You do not need to have ‘mental health issues’ to benefit from speaking to someone who is neutral, non judgemental, a good listener and has a wealth of effective strategies to offer you to enhance your happiness and wellbeing.

Prevention is way better than cure. Give us a call and find how you can enhance your RESILIENCE and WELLBEING.


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