What is Positive Psychology and how can it help me?

What do you know about Positive Psychology? For many years Psychologists have focused on ‘the problem’, when did it start, how bad is it, how does it affect your life, what are the impacts of this problem on your work, relationship, functioning. It’s a bit like finding a sore toe and then pulling it and pushing it to see how bad it really is. This approach has unarguably helped many people to overcome mental health concerns. However there is a lot more to happiness than just reducing suffering! Thanks to the likes of Professor Martin Seligman we now have a new approach to psychology which focuses on human thriving.

Acknowledging that happiness is not just the absence of suffering, Positive Psychology aims to enhance well-being, joy, meaning, connection, optimism and quality of life. This new approach is gaining momentum and has significant research data now to demonstrate it is effective in helping people to overcome depression, improve our immune system, enhance happiness, improve relationships,  productivity, creativity and much, much more!

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