8 Ways to Recharge on Your Day Off – Workplace Wellness Tips

Downtime is something that we all look forward to. Many people count the hours until the weekend so that they can get some much-needed time to recharge and reset. However, whether the weekend, a personal day, or a long-awaited holiday, sometimes our time away from work can fail to live up to our expectations. For example, have you ever returned to the office feeling lethargic and stressed, feeling more in need of another break than ready for the work week ahead?

Here are a few suggestions on how to make the most of your days off so that you fully recharge and feel ready to hit the ground running on Monday.

  • Take care of your errands

Sure, days off are meant for having fun and relaxing but the reality is that many of us also have unavoidable errands to deal with during our time off work. Its not ideal to get back to work on Monday having ignored your ‘to-do’ list all weekend and feel distracted by an overwhelming number of tasks that you now need to take care of.

Our suggestion is to make a list of our errands and condense them into a single block of time. This will help you to stay organised. For example, you could set aside sometime in the morning, say between 9 and 11 a.m. to clean up the house, do laundry, and make a food shopping list. Dedicating a set time for these inevitable duties will help you stay on track with your life, avoid errands taking up your entire day off and leave you feeling on top of things come Monday morning.

  • Make time for exercise

Getting up and going on your day off is one of the best things you can do. Physical exercise is an excellent way to recharge. It can help you build muscle, minimise health risks, and improve your mood. If you enjoy going to the gym or biking, that’s fantastic! If not, keep in mind that any movement is preferable to being immobile. Numerous studies show that even low-impact activities like gentle walking can have a significant impact on lifespan and quality of life. In contrast to binge watching Netflix all Sunday, spending time moving your body outside in nature will leave you with the feeling of a weekend well spent.

  •  Respect your way of recharging

We all recharge and reset differently. Some people enjoy getting together with a large group of friends and family, while others require some alone time to recharge and relax. Whatever is true for you, get to know yourself so you can enjoy a calm day. Allowing others to pressure you into “relaxing” in a way that is actually stressful will not help you to feel refreshed at the end of the weekend.

  • Eat Healthy

It can be easier to eat healthier throughout the week – between bringing lunch to work and cooking at home. On weekends, though, many of us go off the path by overindulging with food and alcohol. While there’s nothing wrong with an indulgent dinner or delicious dessert on occasion, keep in mind that eating unhealthily all weekend is unlikely to leave you feeling your best come Monday morning.

  •  Prepare for the morning

We agree that this may not be the most enjoyable way to spend your day off but consider how you can make your work morning run smoothly by taking care of the essentials ahead of time. That could look like prepping your lunch ahead, setting the coffee maker ready or maybe ironing your work uniform. Anything that saves you a few minutes and gives you some breathing room on a hectic morning can be a good way to spend your time – and it doesn’t have to take long!

  • Have a treat planned

Make your day feel even more special and relaxing by planning to take a bath, an extra-long shower, cooking your favourite meal, or settling somewhere comfy with a good book. Although you may be unable to spend the entire day doing what you love, devoting some time to small pleasures each day that make you happy can have a positive impact on your mental health.

  • Unplug and enjoy

Switching off devices for a period of time can be difficult due to fear of missing out. This can leave us glued to our emails or social media feeds even when we are meant to be spending the day relaxing and unwinding. It can be a tough addiction to break. But the truth is, if you are spending more time scrolling on your phone rather than with your family and friends during your day off, it may be that your devices are interfering with your ability to relax and be present.

What’s more, your social media feed may leave you feeling less than satisfied with how you spend your time off. For example, let’s say you have decided a relaxing and quiet night in with your partner is how you would like to spend your Saturday. Yet, while looking through your Facebook you may notice that a friend has visited the newest restaurant in your suburb, one is at a concert and the other is taking selfies at a beach party. Suddenly, this can leave you wishing that you where somewhere else, doing something way more exciting than how you have chosen to spend your time. As a result, you may find it helpful to limit your time on social media during your days off, or even fast all together to break that habitual scrolling.

Seek help to rebalance your life

If despite following the above advice, you are still struggling to focus at work (or in life in general) it may be time to reach out and speak with a mental health professional.

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