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How to Cope with Pre-wedding Stress and Anxiety

There’s no doubt that wedding planning can be stressful. It takes a lot of time and effort to organise your special day, and there are several decisions that need to be made – so it’s no wonder why many couples experience pre-wedding stress and anxiety.

Most brides comment that the largest source of pre-wedding stress is finding a dress, closely followed by coordinating with vendors and suppliers. Then comes deciding on the wedding guest list…

Unreasonable demands and pressure from in-laws and family members can also add to your pre-wedding anxiety. Not to mention, the current climate! During the pandemic, many couples have had to change plans last minute due to local social distancing laws and lost money in the process.

To help calm your nerves and enjoy the planning stage, it’s essential to find ways to keep your stress and anxiety levels down. Look after your mental health by taking to heart the following tips:

Start Planning Early

When planning a wedding, there are many aspects that can be taken care of months in advance. Where possible, lower your pre-wedding stress by getting these tasks out of the way early on. For example, usually around eight months before their special day, many couples begin to choose their suit and dress. You could also book the wedding venue around this time and begin drafting your guest list.

It may be wise to select your wedding bands at this stage too. Another task you could tackle in advance would be the bridesmaid dress and groomsmen suits. Being organised and sorting as many decisions as possible before your wedding, will leave you feeling less tired and anxious in the lead up to your special day.

Talk it through

As mentioned, family members – in-laws or parents – can be a large source of stress for many couples planning their wedding. Some in the family may have a lot of demands, or ideas and saying no can be hard – especially if they are contributing financially towards your wedding.

If you are struggling with these issues, why not talk it out. Sit down with them and explain how you envision your wedding day and why it is important to you. Be respectful at all times. However, where possible, also be flexible and compromise, in order to make sure it is an enjoyable day for all. But, talking things through and being on the same page with loved ones prior to your wedding can help reduce much stress, resentment, and arguments.

Schedule some time for yourself

Pre-wedding stress and anxiety can cause headaches, skin breakouts, and other physical issues. If you find that you are experiencing any symptoms, it may be time to take a break and look after yourself and your partner. Plan a date night, a spa day, or a fun activity that will take your mind off planning.

Any activity that helps you to de-stress and wind down will help put you back into a positive mindset and remind you why you’re getting married in the first place.

Coronavirus wedding planning

If weddings were not stressful enough, couples planning to get married this year also have the additional worry of COVID-19. But, don’t let this cause you to lose hope – stay motivated and excited and enjoy the planning process!

Whether you’ve had to postpone your plans or you’re wondering how/if your wedding will go ahead this year, know that it’s completely understandable that you’re concerned or upset. Your wedding day is one of the most important events in your lifetime, so it’s reasonable to be upset when your plans are disrupted. It’s OK not to be OK about it. Give yourself time and let yourself breathe and then get back to finding a way around it.

It may help to have a backup plan if the local laws suddenly change due to COVID and your plans are thrown. To help relieve any potential stress, have an idea in mind of how you will work around big issues and draw up a plan B for these instances.

Don’t let stress and anxiety ruin your wedding planning. Relax and enjoy this special time in your life. If you are still struggling, despite following our tips above, the team at Positive Mind Works are here to help if you need us. Otherwise, congratulations, and may your wedding day be all you ever dreamed it to be!



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