post-holiday anxiety

Back To Work Blues – Post-Holiday Anxiety

The holidays are over, and the new year is here. Feeling motivated and excited to get back to work? Perhaps not!

Most people find it difficult to return to work after taking some well-deserved leave, particularly when it comes to the holiday season. The satisfying feeling of not needing to set your alarm clock, being able to stay in your favorite pyjamas all day, and not even knowing which day of the week it is, can all quickly seem like a distant memory.

Even for those of us who love our job, it can still be hard to return after a period of leave and even more so for people who suffer with anxiety. Once again, we are faced mundane routine – all too quickly plunged back into the dizzy whirlwind of dealing with colleagues, conferences calls and daily commutes.

If you are feeling a little nervous about your return to the office, here are some tips on how to ease post-holiday anxiety and beat those back to work blues.

  • Focus on what you enjoy about your job

Rather than letting post-holiday anxiety creep in, try to focus on the good things you are looking forward to in your workplace. Whether it’s seeing your team again and enjoying the camaraderie, or the thrill of sealing a deal – remember what it is that you love about your work and it will make the return seem less daunting.

  • Prioritise yourself

Now is a great time to set some new boundaries for when you return to work. For example, make sure you don’t overstretch yourself, ensure that you take your allotted lunch break and try to leave work at a reasonable time each evening. In addition, look after yourself outside of work too. Find time for your hobbies, make sure you get enough exercise and rest and try to eat a healthy balanced diet. Prioritising yourself will ensure that you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the working week ahead.

  • Plan your next holiday

Having something to look forward to never fails to lift our spirits. Why not take advantage of your full holiday allowance and book your next trip? Knowing you have a getaway with a loved one planned in a few weeks’ time will give you a great boost to get through each day. If you are worried about finances, research shows that benefits to our wellbeing can be felt even by taking short holidays – including breaks that are as little as two days at a time. Whatever you plan, make sure you book out a holiday, having time out to relax and unwind is extremely important for your health and mental wellbeing.

  • Declutter your workspace

A clean and tiny personal workspace has been shown to improve our mood. Why not take a favourite photo (maybe from your recent holiday) or a small plant to help brighten up your desk? Decluttering could also include booking a date with your inbox – you may find it useful to spend some time tackling your emails and organising your folders. Little tasks like these can make returning to work a little less overwhelming and help you deal with post-holiday anxiety.

  • Seek professional help

If you are struggling to cope with stress, anxiety and depression, it may be time to get some professional help. Remember, this is time that you can spend investing in yourself – there is no need to feel ashamed or judged. Our team of experienced psychologists will help you find a way to deal with your emotions, so you can look ahead to the future with confidence.

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