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5 Reasons Why Talking To A Psychologist Will Benefit You

Unfortunately, the negative stigma that surrounds face-to-face or online counselling is a deterrent for many people when it comes to seeking help. Despite the benefits of talking to a psychologist, many still feel that therapy is for weak or socially unacceptable people – but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The vast majority of people who initiate therapy sessions are not crazy. They are dealing with severe challenges in their life which affect both their ability to cope and their general well-being.

Therapy is a valuable tool that brings success by helping people to process their emotions and develop coping skills. Here’s why: Growing up, many of us were taught that internal feelings shouldn’t be discussed and should be swept under the rug. This is possibly the single worst thing that you can do for yourself. Squashing down our emotions and not working through issues – especially serious ones – can easily culminate in a whole range of problems. In fact, studies have shown that not acknowledging our emotions can actually make them stronger.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five additional reasons why choosing to talk to a psychologist online or face-to-face can help:

Reason # 1: Online counselling has long-lasting effects

One of the main benefits of counselling are the long-lasting effects that continue and keep growing over time. In addition to working through problems, you’ll also learn to develop the tools you need to help you deal with any future issues that may arise. While medication has its place and is essential for some people, there’s always the risk of relapse if it’s discontinued. Whether face-to-face or online, counselling helps you ‘get-to-the-cause’ of an issue – which is why combining medication with talk therapy is believed to be the most effective method in the long run.

Reason # 2: Physical symptoms can be resolved

Our emotions also play a physical part. For example, we breathe faster when we are scared, and we tear up when we are sad. So it makes sense that psychological trauma, depression and anxiety can often trigger significant physical symptoms too. When we don’t address our feelings, our body often reacts. Sleeping problems, headaches and stomach aches are just a few ways that our body may respond to stress or emotional pain. Online counselling sessions provide you with the opportunity to work through your problems, and as a result, it will help any physical issues fade away.

Reason # 3: Learn how to deal with future curveballs

Conflict is part of everyday life. Large or small, problems will arise from time to time and learning how to deal with them in a healthy way is a necessary skill. Talking things through with a psychologist and reflecting on what and how certain types of feelings are evoked will help you to gain a greater understanding of yourself. You can then use this knowledge to become proactive and better respond to any challenge that comes your way. Learning how not to get swallowed up by problems but instead how to form a game plan is vital.

Reason # 4: You develop more logical and precise thinking

Circling a problem around and around in your head often gets you nowhere and will more than likely leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. On the other hand, if you talk to a psychologist, whether online or face-to-face, it helps you to break the issue down and get your head around it. Laying out the problem will help improve your thinking and therefore make the situation feel more manageable.

Reason # 5: Online counselling can actually rewire your brain

Recent evidence suggests that talk therapy can actually help make positive changes that can be measured within the brain. Thanks to advanced imaging technology, psychotherapy has been shown to alter activity in certain regions of the brain that are linked to worrying, emotion and fear. In order to do so, cognitive behavioural therapy online or face-to-face is a very effective, action-orientated approach that’s used by many counsellors to help people identify negative thought patterns and replace them with new positive habits.

Many people are starting to open up more about their mental health issues and personal struggles. Slowly but surely, the stigma of counselling is beginning to fade. If you feel that therapy would benefit you, we’re here to help. At Positive Mind Works, we offer a variety of services – such as cognitive behavioural therapy online – to help you get back to being the best version of yourself. Click here to book an online session and speak to a psychologist today.


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