New Year, New You?

Goal Setting v’s Achieving

Its that time of year when we reflect on the year gone by and make a plan on the year ahead of us. Goal setting is one thing but goal achieving is another. Rather than endless to do lists, missed deadlines and disappointment… find out how Positive Mind Works can help you design and develop a full and meaningful life. Make 2015 your year! Contact us for a free discussion on how we can help.

One useful Goal Strategy is the SMART acronym. Make sure your goals are SMART goals.
S= Specific
M= Measurable
A= Achievable
R= Realistic
T= Time-framed

An example of a SMART goal is as follows.

Specific: I will eat 5 serves of fruit and vegetable each day.

Measurable: By recording on my smartphone each time I eat a piece of fruit or veg I can record my daily intake and reflect on this after a week.

Achievable: 5 serves is very achievable for me… secretly I love fruit and veg! 🙂

Realistic: Honestly, Yes. Over the next week I have a fairly stable routine. I am not away for work and this will be a realistic goal for me.

Time-framed: After 7 days I will review my diary and reflect on the results… did I achieve my goal?
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Using the SMART acronym is just one very small tool but there are a number of evidence based strategies that we can help you to apply in order to turn goal setting into achieving. Remember that old saying… “if you keep doing the same thing.. you will keep getting the same results”. Rather than recreate another ‘to do’ list which looks a lot like the last one, find out how you can move forward with your goals, even better move beyond goals and begin considering your values. What is truly important to you in life… is it the bigger car ? Or rewarding relationships with those you love?


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