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NDIS Psychologists – What is NDIS Funding?

Positive Mind Works is proud to be able to work with NDIS participants. Our NDIS psychologists have many years’ experience in supporting Australians with disabilities across a range of ages.

We understand that those living with a disability may be exposed to many challenges that are unique to each individual. That’s why our dedicated team of psychologists are here to help support and guide you through any difficulties. As an ever-growing team of NDIS psychologists, we can match you to the right person to provide tailored support to your circumstances.

What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) makes support available for Australians with a disability, including their families and carers too. It is a government-funded scheme aimed at helping people to build skills so that they can improve their wellbeing and better participate within the community. It pays for certain types of support that are related to a person’s disability to help them to achieve their goals in life. If you have an NDIS plan, you may be funded for online counselling with a psychologist.

How does NDIS Psychology funding work?

For psychology appointments under the NDIS scheme, there is NO gap payment – so you will not be out of pocket. The fee will come out of your NDIS funding for each appointment that you have.

Accessing psychology sessions through NDIS will ensure that you receive uncompromised and high-quality support that is personalised to your needs. With finances taken care of, it allows you to solely concentrate on working towards your goals.

What can I expect from my NDIS Psychology sessions?

As we are a Telehealth service, all sessions are held online via video through our super secure and high-grade platform. This makes accessing your NDIS Psychology appointment easy – simply log on and speak to a professional from the comfort and privacy of your own home!

Our NDIS Psychology appointments are 50 minutes long. Sessions are planned according to your personal needs at the time. Our NDIS psychologists offer the help and support needed to build skills as well as provide techniques and strategies for your situation.

Each session aims to help you work toward therapeutic and personal goals. Such goals may include building self-esteem, independence, assertiveness and more. Therapeutic goals include addressing depression, anxiety, anger management and behavioural issues. Our NDIS psychologist will work with you to help you define your goals.

At PMW, we have many NDIS clients that come to us, either with self-managed or agency managed plans. We are proud to be able to provide help and support to our clients and to play a part in helping reduce the impact that their disability may have on their daily life.

If you would like to access our NDIS therapy services, please either speak with your Support Coordinator or contact us here. PMW is here to support you and we look forward to helping you reach your goals.



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