Are you sick of setting the same NY Resolutions year after year?

Find the answer here…

Thrive! Not just Survive
Sign up for The Thrive Subscription. For less than $2.30 per day.
You will receive:

  • Assessment of your Strengths, Challenges and Values necessary for you to Thrive
  • 60 min 1:1 appointment with a Coaching Psychologist
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Quarterly Progress Reviews (3 x 50 min 1:1 appointments)
  • Support via Instant Chat between sessions using a Secure App (Android and Iphone)
  • Fortnightly emails stacked full of personal development and Positive Psychology resources to help keep you motivated

First month $139.95, thereafter $69.95 per month. There is no contract, no minimum term, no cancellation fee. We only want you to stay if you are enjoying the benefits and thriving.

*Support via Instant Chat subject to a fair use policy.

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact us.


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