Dr Shishir Regmi

Dr Shishir Regmi

NZ Psychiatrist

Specialisation: NZ Registered Psychiatrist

About Me

Dr. Regmi brings extensive experience as a Consultant Psychiatrist, with over 21 years of service in the United Kingdom and New Zealand Health services. He holds the position of Honorary Senior Lecturer in Psychological Medicine at the University of Auckland and is also accredited as a supervisor for postgraduate Psychiatry Fellowship trainees by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists.

He actively contributes to the education of postgraduate Psychiatrists, having trained over four dozen individuals in the UK and NZ, many of whom are now established as Consultant Psychiatrists.

As a Fellow of The Royal College of Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom, Dr.Regmi is dedicated to patient-centered practice, emphasizing Professionalism, Innovation and Research, Lifelong Learning, Fairness and Inclusion, Ethical practice, and Multidisciplinary working. He has been awarded 5 Clinical Excellence Awards while working in NHS UK.

Engaging in research, Dr.Regmi served as the Principal Investigator in a multinational study within his UK NHS Trust. Moreover, he has authored several publications, such as “Conquering Depression” endorsed by the World Health Organization, a country profile featured in the International Review of Psychiatry, and a controlled study on postpartum depression published in Tropical Medicine and International Health.

Remaining current in his field, Dr.Regmi is admired by his patients for his collaborative and patient-centred approach.