Dr.Leanne Parasram

Dr Leanne Parasram

NZ Psychiatrist

Specialisation: NZ Registered Psychiatrist

About Me

Dr Leanne Parasram completed her postgraduate specialization in psychiatry via the University of Cape Town, South Africa, in 2014. She then worked in both the public and private health sectors in Cape Town until she immigrated to New Zealand in 2019.
During her time in Cape Town she also occupied the role of Senior Lecturer at the University or Cape Town, and examined at postgraduate level for the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa.

Dr Leanne is an affiliate member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of psychiatrists. She holds the position of Honorary Lecturer at the University of Auckland, and is an accredited supervisor for postgraduate psychiatric fellowship trainees.

While in New Zealand she has worked for Te Whatu Ora Counties Health in the inpatient and community settings. Her interests include the treatment of Adult ADHD, maternal mental health concerns, depressive and anxiety disorders.

She engages in a holistic approach to treatment and enjoys working closely with those who seek her care to help find medication regimens that optimize their functioning in academic, occupational and social settings.