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Deb Kaita Kakiiza

Australian Registered Psychologist

Specialization: Australian Registered Psychologist

About Me

I am a psychologist with a Masters in Counselling Psychology and a Masters in Grief and Loss, as well as Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and a Bachelor of Counselling.  I work with anyone aged 16 years and older experiencing life challenges such as:

My role as a Psychologist is to provide support, strategies, and information to assist you to work through the challenges you face in life.  I bring my own life experience, training, and learning from clients like yourself, but I believe you are the expert on you.  We work together to formulate an approach to your situation that is helpful in the short and long term.  The mind is incredibly powerful, and positive approaches make a big difference in how we view our situation and what we do about it. Support and encouragement are so valuable, yet it is rarely our default approach to life. My training has been in:

I have a strong belief in the mind-body connection and believe that the more holistic approaches to situations that can be taken, the better the outcome.  Quite often there is not just one solution or strategy, but many that can be helpful.  Small changes can make big differences in our lives, and the process of change continues throughout our life.  None of us are perfect, and the purpose of life is to grow and change. If I can play a small part in that process for you, then I am grateful for that opportunity and it brings meaning and purpose to my life too.   I have experience working with a wide range of people and I value telehealth as it increases access to psychological support for everyone.  I am comfortable with telephone sessions as well as video.  Some people find the video makes them feel self-conscious; I have no challenge with providing psychological support via telephone.