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Ale Held

Ale Held

New Zealand Registered Psychologist

Specialization: New Zealand Registered Psychologist

About Me

Alexandra (Ale) Held is an NZ-trained and registered psychologist and a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA). She is experienced in working with a variety of challenging behaviours across adults, adolescents, and children in a range of settings, providing a high level of behavioural assessments and interventions. She is experienced in implementing intensive Behaviour Support Services, based on the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis. She works from a non-aversive framework to:

  • increase positive behaviour
  • increase positive interactions
  • develop skills
  • decrease the occurrence of challenging behaviours.

Following a rigorous assessment, she implements function-based interventions that are individually tailored and can work with families to achieve this in the case of children/adolescents. Ale also works alongside clients in structured therapy sessions to identify what is contributing to their presenting problem and to collaboratively develop practical strategies in order to create meaningful change.

Learn more about Ale in this short video.