The Circle of Security

The Circle of Security

The Circle of Security Parenting Program is an early intervention program which offers an innovative approach to parenting for caregivers of children between four months and six years of age. Rather than focusing on techniques such as sticker charts or strict routines, the Circle of Security provides a roadmap which illustrates your child’s attachment needs.

Parenting can often be difficult to navigate. With so many resources and lists available of all the parenting “do’s” and “don’ts”, many caregivers can feel quite overwhelmed and lost. That’s why the fundamental goal of this program is to help build and strengthen secure attachments between caregivers and their children.

The Circle of Security

So what do we mean by “secure attachment”?

A secure attachment is the bond between a child and caregiver which fulfils a child’s needs for security, calm and understanding. Infants with a secure attachment will perceive their caregiver as a “secure base” and feel comfortable exploring in their caregivers presence.

It is important to note that as a caregiver, you can abide to every parenting guideline and provide them with high quality resources and love, yet still not achieve this secure attachment bond.

A secure attachment bond involves a genuine capacity to understand your child’s needs, generally through non-verbal exchanges. Children who do not feel emotionally connected with their caregiver are vulnerable to feeling insecure and misunderstood, irrespective of how much they may be loved.

The Circle of Security Program is based on several fundamental principles:

  1. Attachment problems in infancy and early childhood are associated with an increased likelihood of developing psychopathology later in life.
  2. Secure attachments with caregivers provide the foundation for children to regulate their emotions and stress in a healthy way and develop social competence.
  3. The quality of the attachment can change overtime.
  4. Children are more likely to explore and learn if they have a secure base with their caregiver.
  5. Change comes from caregivers capacity to understand their child’s needs rather than learning techniques to control their behaviour.
  6. All caregivers want the best for their children.

At Positive Mind Works, we are running small group sessions with our psychologist Samantha Archer who is a certified provider under the Circle of Security parenting program. Her sessions will educate you on the principles of this program and ultimately encourage you to reflect beyond your child’s immediate behaviour to meet their relationship needs. You can participate with or without a partner and you will be joined by a maximum of two other families.

If you are interested in this training and ways of strengthening a secure attachment with your child, please speak with our reception team on 1800 327 477 or book here.