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Make 2021 the Year of Better Mental Health

There’s no doubt that 2020 will forever be remembered as ‘the year of the pandemic’. It was also the year that took a huge toll on our mental health. For many, it brought along issues such as depression, anxiety and was a cause of much stress, loneliness, and uncertainty.

That said, let’s all do our best to make 2021 a better year by prioritising our mental health. Here are a few tips to help strengthen your resolve this coming year:

  • Remember what is truly important

If 2020 taught us anything, it was that our health and time spent with our loved ones is precious. Last year certainly reminded many of what is truly important in life. Whatever that is for you, make that your priority. For some, this was staying stress-free, spending quality time with loved ones, and eating right.

  • Spend more time outdoors

Given the circumstances, many of us spent more time inside, on our laptops, smartphones, or other electronic devices. This year, make it your goal to spend more time in nature and limit your screen time. A long walk, bike ride, swim in the ocean, or even just eating alfresco can do wonders for your mental health. Of course, be sure to follow the social distancing rules and wear a mask if necessary.

  • Learn to let it go

No matter how hard we may try, there are so many things that are beyond our control. So, don’t focus on what you can’t change, let it go and gain mastery over things that are within your control. Give yourself the freedom not to stress over matters and you’ll learn to appreciate the little things in life and live a lot lighter.

  • Be kind

Don’t judge yourself negatively but learn to treat yourself with the grace and compassion that you deserve. Be understanding of your own limitations. This also applies to others too. Studies indicate that showing kindness can ease anxiety, help us put things into perspective in our own lives and also improve our quality of life. Kindness brings people together – doing good, feels good.

  • Look after yourself

The stress of 2020 put the importance of maintaining good mental health and a regular self-care routine in the spotlight more than ever. Take stock of the state of your mental wellbeing. If needed, make sure that you keep regular appointments with your psychologist. If you don’t have one and think you would benefit from therapy, our team at PMW would be happy to help organise an appointment for you. Whatever the case, take the time to explore new ways to care for your mental health.

Choosing to adopt a positive attitude is the most powerful thing we can carry with us into this new year. Let’s leave all the negatives that 2020 brought behind us and look to the positives of 2021. While there may still be ups and downs as the pandemic continues, let’s face any opposition with emotional stamina and a positive attitude.


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