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Tap Into the Science of Happiness and find out how Positive Psychology can help you to Thrive! Not just Survive.

Previously Psychologists have been focused on relieving suffering and the struggles of humanity. Some might say that the field of psychology has been affected by its own negativity bias. Now psychology is no longer just aiming to reduce suffering, the field now is contributing towards facilitating happiness, building fulfillment, strengths, talents, optimism, meaning and quality of life. We are in a position to help you Thrive!

This is not a quick fix (there is no 7 easy steps to happiness!!), it’s not another version of “The Secret” or a set of “positive affirmations”. This new era of psychology carries with it the same rigorous evidence testing and science grounded techniques as traditional psychology. Are you interested to find out how positive psychology can help you achieve a happier life?

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What is Positive Psychology and what is it not?

Sadly Mental health problems are on the increase, despite significant advances in our ‘quality’ of life, the latest figures suggest that at least 20% of Australians are suffering from depression. Similar figures are reflected around the world in other western countries.

Typically psychologists have waited until an individual is showing signs of illness before we intervene and try to ‘fix’ the problem. An interesting metaphor is to compare this to a car, when it breaks down we take it to the mechanic and often face a hefty bill for repairs. A regular maintenance schedule and paying attention to all the factors that make the car purr will often prevent expensive breakdowns. Similarly, positive psychology posits that many mental health problems can be avoided or reduced by building resilience and paying attention to the factors that help you to thrive.

Ups and Downs

Each and every one of us experiences ups and downs throughout life. These ups and downs may be linked to physical and psychological health, relationships, employment, spirituality, community and purpose. We can’t control all the circumstances of our life ( even though we do seem to try!), often circumstances occur that impact on our wellbeing. We can learn to roll with the ups and downs, seeing problems as opportunities and challenging times as times of growth. Thrive is a service which explores and builds on your strengths, optimism, resilience, grit and capacity for happiness.

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