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Our Survive service is for children, young adults, adults and couples. We have a range of experienced and qualified psychologists available so we feel confident in working with most presenting concerns. Our approach is flexible and tailored to suit both you and your situation. We offer all of the different modalities you will find explained here (hyperlink to Services Tab). Some concerns are better treated by specific approaches and when this is the case we will advise you on what we recommend.

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Evidence Based

There are few things that you can reasonably expect with all of the psychologists at Positive Mind Works. We offer evidence-based solutions and provide detailed and regular feedback for yourself and other health professionals if you wish (such as your GP). After your first session, we ask you to complete standardized measures which will take an accurate snapshot in time of how things are now. After an agreed period of work together we will ask you to revisit the assessment tool and provide you with feedback. We believe in transparency and this is our way of ensuring that you are getting what you need from the service.

Non-judgmental and Practical

The team at Positive Mind Works are all committed to a set of values (read about our values here insert hyperlink to ‘about’ page /about). We are skilled in helping you to connect with your inner wisdom and in doing so discover your own solutions. Our goal is to provide you with an unbiased and judgement-free space to make sense of things and bring about positive change. We also have a lot of practical strategies which at times we can help you to implement to bring about the positive change you are seeking.

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