Social Skills & Assertiveness Training

Addresses a very common fear of negative evaluation by others. Helps people to navigate personal and professional relationships toward better connectedness and other desired outcomes.

Do you have trouble saying no to your boss when they put unreasonable pressure on your work life balance? Does it sometimes feel like your friends and family have more control over your personal life than you do? Would you like to be able to set limits in your work and social environment without the fear of negatively impacting your relationship with others?

The key is being able to identify the difference between acting passively, aggressively and assertively.It is one of the most important and useful social skills your will ever learn.

Social Skills & Assertiveness Training


Passiveness focuses on pleasing others

Using this style ensures you achieve the interests of others at the expense of your own needs, feelings and desires

Aggressiveness focuses on winning

This style ensures you achieve your own best interests at the expense of the needs, feelings and desires of others

Assertiveness focuses on balance

By finding a balance you ensure you makeyour own wants and needs clear while still considering the needs, feelings and desires of others

How can Social Skills and Assertiveness Training help me?

Express your dissatisfaction in a positive and healthy way

  • Control your emotions when standing up for yourself
  • Confront people who challenge you
  • Protect other people’s feeling when you say what’s on your mind

Learning to say “No”

  • Be comfortable setting limits and boundaries with others
  • Admit your own limitations and that you can’t please everyone
  • Propose win-win solutions instead of outright refusal

Identify and value your own wants and needs

  • Recognise your rights and protect them
  • Stop apologising for protecting your rights
  • Be aware of where your wants and needs infringe on the rights of others
  • Truly believe that you deserve to be treated with dignity and respect

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