Overcoming Relationship Problems and Online Couples Assessment

We offer support to individuals and couples looking to overcome relationship problems. Regardless of your situation, if you are looking to resolve concerns within your marriage, find out if a new relationship will last or develop a deeper bond with your partner then Positive Mind Works are here to help.

How can an Online Psychologist help with Relationship Problems?

If you can relate to any of these scenarios then Positive Mind Works is here to help:

  • Do you feel that stress or conflict is holding you back from enjoying the relationship you want
  • Are you experiencing concerns that you are with the right person
  • Or maybe you are in a satisfying relationship but looking for ways to deepen your understanding and connection

Find out about Positive Mind Works 4 Part Relationship Roadworthy

This 4 Part Relationship Package includes:

  • A detailed 60 minute Couples Consultation with a Registered Psychologist to discuss any concerns and identify areas you wish to focus on.
  • Each partner individually completes a detailed couples assessment and you are both provided with confidential and individual feedback tailored for your relationship. The assessment explores the most significant areas that are important to relationship success.
  • Two 45 minute Individual Consultations (one session with each partner) to discuss the feedback from the assessment, address concerns and agree on which information to share with your partner.
  • Two further 60 minute Couples Consultation to share feedback, target problem areas, reflect on new developments, review progress and plan for the future. (* some couples may benefit from further sessions, if this is the case recommendation and plan will be offered)

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