Online Psychiatric Assessments & Medication Reviews

Positive Mind Works provides a simple and reliable way for people to access mental health care. We offer online psychiatry appointments that are tailored to suit your individual needs, at a time and place that suits you best. Our tele-psychiatrists are licensed to provide psychological support and can prescribe and review medications too. They can also conduct psychological testing, which plays an important part in the assessment of a person’s mental health state and helps to determine the correct course of treatment.

We currently have no waiting list for Psychiatry referrals. Our online psychiatrist is able to provide a management plan for GP’s and follow up reports. Furthermore, the use of our secure, high-grate video platform eliminates geographical barriers and gives you easy access to Psychiatrists from the comfort of your own home.

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Telehealth Psychiatrists

At Positive Mind Works, our online Psychaitrists are experienced physicians who are committed to providing the best care for mental disorders with patience and compassion. They will assess all your physical and mental symptoms to make a diagnosis and then work with you in order to develop a treatment plan. Our psychiatrists are able to assess for Adult ADHD and work closely with the GP to implement any pharmaceutical prescriptions. 


What funding is available?

Both the first appointment and one follow up appointment with the online psychiatrist is bulk billed. Currently, residents of regional and remote Australia can utilise medicare funding for telehealth psychiatry. If you have any concerns about patient eligibility please get in touch with the Positive Mind Works team for further information or click here to find out if you may be eligible.


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