Online CBT Treatment for Sleep Problems and Insomnia

There are normal fluctuations in how well we sleep depending on our stress levels, physical health and the consumption of caffeine or other stimulants. A good nights sleep often returns by itself when these situational factors change. However for some people persistent sleepless nights can lead to daytime tiredness, irritability, reduced activity levels, social isolation and depression. Online CBT treatment for Sleep Problems and Insomnia is an effective tool to recover healthy sleeping patterns.

When a good nights sleep becomes elusive we naturally begin to feel anxious about going to bed. A negative vicious cycle can begin in which we lay in bed feeling anxious, wondering how we will cope the following day, watching the clock and the hours tick by, knowing that the more desperate we become the further away we are from sleep.

Why can’t I sleep?

There are a number of reasons why an individual may have sleep difficulties. Our first step is to understand your unique situation and the reasons you are struggling with sleep. Using modern technology we work together to assess and monitor your sleep, giving a good assessment of your current sleep situation.

How can Online CBT for Insomnia help?

We apply evidence based strategies to help you to break the negative cycle and restore a good sleep routine. Our Online Psychologists use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) to help you return to a good nights sleep. Research supports CBT as the psychological treatment of choice for insomnia and sleep difficulties. CBT is known to be at least as effective as medical treatment, with the added benefit of having no side-effects and significantly longer results that continue on after the treatment has finished (Perlis & Lichstein, 2003).

Longstanding sleep issues cannot be resolved overnight but the strategies we offer are supported by a strong evidence base demonstrating their effectiveness in helping people to return to healthy sleep routines.

Find out about Positive Mind Works 4 Part Relationship Roadworthy

This 4 Part Relationship Package includes:

  • A detailed 60 minute Couples Consultation with a Registered Psychologist to discuss any concerns and identify areas you wish to focus on.
  • Each partner individually completes a detailed couples assessment and you are both provided with confidential and individual feedback tailored for your relationship. The assessment explores the most significant areas that are important to relationship success.
  • Two 45 minute Individual Consultations (one session with each partner) to discuss the feedback from the assessment, address concerns and agree on which information to share with your partner.
  • Two further 60 minute Couples Consultation to share feedback, target problem areas, reflect on new developments, review progress and plan for the future. (* some couples may benefit from further sessions, if this is the case recommendation and plan will be offered)

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