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Tap into the Science of Happiness with Unlimited Counselling. Find out how Positive Psychology can help you to thrive despite life’s inevitable challenges. Psychology has traditionally focused on dysfunction and how to fix it, in stark contrast to this the Thrive service utilises Positive Psychology to help ordinary people to cultivate greater wellbeing and happiness in the areas of work, love and play.

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Effective online therapy in NZ to address a range of concerns, including Self Esteem, Relationships, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias and Work-related stress. Experienced psychologists providing proven techniques to overcome common challenges. We work with individuals, couples, adults and young people. Speak to a trusted health professional from the comfort of home. You may also be eligible for WINZ funding when using our online counselling services, so get in touch with our friendly team of psychologists and counsellors, or learn more.

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Our Team of Counsellors

Practitioners with PMW have been carefully screened and selected to offer you only experienced online psychologists and counsellors with a wide variety of specialist skill sets and a diversity of backgrounds – WINZ funding available for eligible clients.

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Denise Hostin

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Dr Toyia McWilliams

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