Getting a Mental Health Care Plan or GP referral

At Positive Mind Works we a small team of GPs, Dr. Tanya McGhee and Dr. Blanchard Kadiongo who have much experience supporting patients with mental health concerns.

They are able to evaluate your symptoms and create appropriate referrals to suitable mental health professionals such as psychologists and psychiatrists, both of which we have on our team.

Although a referral is not required to access our psychology services, all Australians are eligible for 10 subsidised sessions per calendar year through a mental health care plan, which is created and reviewed by a GP.

If your GP believes you may benefit from a medication review or psychiatric assessment, they will create a referral which will provide you access to our psychiatry services.

How to prepare for your GP appointment

It’s essential to be prepared for your GP appointment so you can provide them the details they need to offer you the right kind of care.

If you’re not sure how to prepare prepared, think about these things:

  • Consider the main reasons you are seeing your doctor, and make a list of the topics you want to cover. Describe your worries and how they affect your daily life with as much honesty as you can.
  • Schedule a longer session so you have ample time to talk about everything you need to.
  • Take into account the medical history of your family and gather all the information you can; this will assist your doctor pinpoint any potential problems you may be having.
  • Ensure that any current or past information you offer is accurate.
  • Be sure to accurately describe any current or past medication usage as well as any medical issues or injuries you may have experienced. Doing so can assist rule out physical explanations of symptoms.
  • Make a note of any questions you may have.

Remember, GPs are trained professionals who are not here to judge you for your issues. They will work alongside you and other health professionals to provide long term support and treatment for your mental health problems so you can improve your quality of life.

Fees for GP appointments

Our fees are as follows:

For further information on pricing please click on the drop down panels below.

GP Services
Psychiatry referral

$99 but with a $75.80 rebate so total OOP cost is: $23.20 .

MHCP and referral

appointment is $175 with a $141.80 rebate so total OOP cost is: $33.20

MHCP Review (for re re-ferrals, Next set of Sessions)

Appointment are $99 with a $75.80 rebate, so the total out-of-pocket cost is: $23.20 to the patient.

How to make a booking
To book with one of our GPs for a Mental Health Care Plan or referrals, please contact our team on 1800 327 477 (AU) or click here to book online.

All Online Sessions Include

One to one consultation with a registered psychologist

Easy online communication via secure webcam, messenger and email

Flexible appointment times, including evenings and weekends

Cancel anytime up to 48 hours prior, thereafter 50% cancellation fee