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Speaking to an Online Psychologist gives you the opportunity to access professional services without having to leave your home or work. We operate from across Australia which allows us to easily cover all regions. All of our therapists are Registered British Psychologists.

You will be offered a choice between Secure Video, Secure Chat, and Phone consultations sessions. Secure Video sessions are like ‘virtual’ therapy, so you will be able to see and hear who you are speaking to, just as you would in a traditional face to face session.

You will need a reliable internet connection and a tablet, smartphone or computer. Online Chat is available through a secure chat service and you will be provided with the log in details. If you prefer a phone appointment we can organise to call you for the scheduled consultation, wherever you are in the world, at no extra cost to you. Phone, online chat and video sessions are normally 50-60 minutes in length but this is flexible and can be arranged to fit into your schedule. Appointments are available during business hours, early morning, evening and weekends.

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Is Online Counselling / Psychology Effective?

Online Services are now offered by a range of health professionals, including doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists. A number of studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Online Psychology. One such study recently found online cognitive behaviour therapy for depression was as effective (if not more so) than traditional face to face sessions (Beatie, Shaw, Kaur & Kessler, 2009; Kessler et al 2009).

Research also indicates that people are likely to feel less inhibited when using online services. This is particularly useful if you are experiencing a high level of anxiety that makes it hard for you to discuss these concerns face to face. Speaking to an Online Psychologist is appropriate for many common psychological concerns, including depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, trauma, sleep difficulties, weight concerns, worry or stress, managing pain, intimacy or sexual problems, anger and adjusting to life changes. Please contact us for an appointment or book online.

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Consider Online Counselling if:

  • You prefer the confidentiality and privacy of secure online services
  • You require sessions at varying times or outside of business hours
  • You have difficulty with transport or mobility
  • You anxiety prevents you from leaving your home or accessing face to face services
  • You live in a remote location

Please note Online Services are not suitable for severe and enduring psychiatric concerns, anyone under the age of 18 or anyone experiencing thoughts of suicide. If you need to talk to someone immediately please call Emergency Services on 000 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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