Your are not alone.

Psychologists have outlined various models or phases of grief, commonly we refer to the five stages of grief that most people are now familiar with:

  • Denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining
  • Depression
  • Acceptance

Grief is unique…

… to any individual and can be experienced very differently. Often it is accompanied by feelings of sadness, regret, anger, yearning and guilt. Sometimes the intensity of these emotions can be surprisingly strong or mild. Frequently we are looking to make sense of loss and the experience that we incur as a result.

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Alleviate Suffering…

Self compassion, social connectedness, and exercise can all contribute to alleviating suffering during grief. Many people will recover from loss without the support of a bereavement specialist however sometimes grief becomes complicated, prolonged and in need of specific attention.

Our Practitioners

Denise Hostin

B.Psych. Post Grad Dip Mental Health. Masters Degree in Clinical Leadership

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Dr Nadine Glanville

B.App.Psych. Grad Dip App.Psych.

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Mr Anthony Michael Nuttall

BSc (Psychology), PGDIP (Psychology), MPsych (Ed & Dev)

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