Online Psychologists: The Positive Difference

Positive Mind Works aims to do things a little differently. You will discover Positive Mind Works is an online counselling service. We facilitate access to experienced online psychologists; providing empowered solutions at a time and place that works for you. We use a secure online platform (specifically designed for health services) to connect you with the right professional via video, audio or typing.

Secure Video Counselling

Online counselling requires a reasonable internet connection speed, access to a video and microphone. Most smartphones, tablets and laptops these days have all the necessary features. Please also ensure you have a private and quiet space for your session. You may wish to record the session if you find this helpful.

Phone Counselling

We predominately place audio calls using a secure internet platform (occasionally we will use a regular phone network- depending on the quality of your internet coverage). Please provide us with the best number to reach you and if we need to call using a regular phone network then PMW will cover the cost of the phone call. You may wish to record the counselling session for playback later if you find this helpful.

chat online with a psychologist

Chat with a Psychologist

This is a great option if you are feeling a little uncertain and want to test the water. You do not need a fast internet connection, nor a webcam or microphone for this method. Using our secure platform you can chat with a psychologist via instant messenger. You can download the app on your phone and write as much or as little as you wish  Your online psychologist will provide a good place to discuss your challenges and strategies to bring about change. Having a secure (password protected) copy of the dialogue means you can read it back at any time you wish.

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