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A specific phobia involves a disproportionate or irrational fear of something that causes the individual to try and avoid the source of their fear. All of us have some fears, however a phobia is fear and avoidance cycle which has a significant impact on a person’s life. If your fears are getting in the way of you enjoying the things you love, ensure you’re getting the support you need to live the life you want. Get online help and treatment for phobias today and speak to the team at Positive Mind Works.

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The fear and subsequent avoidance pattern can have devastating impacts on one’s quality of life. Research indicates that Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is very effective in treating specific phobias. We offer tried and tested methods that will help you to overcome your fears and live the life you want. Many people who get help for phobias often wonder why they had not done so earlier. Some are embarrassed about their fears and others are afraid of what treatment involves. Rest assured we will always work at your pace, listen and respect your choices and goals. Online help and treatment for phobias are available and it is up to you to take the next step! Book an initial appointment to find out more about effective ways to overcome OCD.

Specific Phobias Are Addressed

Phobias can include a range of objects, situations or activities. These are some of the common phobias:

  • Open Spaces (Agoraphobia)
  • Spider phobia
  • Height phobia
  • Fear of vomiting (Emetophobia)
  • Fear of choking
  • Flying phobia
  • Bird phobia
  • Needle phobia
  • Fear of blood
  • Fear of driving

Getting Online Help for Phobias:

It might be easier than you think. Some phobias can be successfully treated in just one session! Working with a qualified and experienced psychologist we will:

  • Help you to understand how this problem came about
  • Identify and address the conditions that are allowing the phobia to continue
  • Help you to explore and overcome your beliefs about the phobia
  • Support you to take steps that will have you feeling safer
  • Help you to address and overcome avoidance strategies

Together we will plan a gradual and safe treatment plan that will help you to overcome your phobia and achieve your goals.

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Evelyn Langlois

Evelyn Langlois

Australian Registered Psychologist

BAPsych (Honours), DPsych (Health)

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Harpreet Deol

Australian Registered Psychologist

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Dr Antony Thomas

Antony Thomas

New Zealand Registered Psychologist

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