Struggling to determine if you need help? Making the decision to work with a psychologist can be immensely beneficial. However, mental health is usually not as clean-cut as physical health, leading to people wondering if they need professional support or not.

At Positive Mind Works, we take a comprehensive view of mental health. We recognise that nearly everyone can benefit from working with a professional. Whether you’re identifying and working to manage dysfunction or simply looking to know more about yourself so you can make informed and beneficial choices, we can assist you. Take a look at our assessments below and find one to suit your needs.

A comprehensive approach

Positive Mind Works aims to help people reach their own personal version of happiness and success. We understand that the goals one person may have and what techniques work for them may be totally different from someone else, so expect our psychologists to work collaboratively with you towards your objectives. Whether that’s a greater sense of satisfaction at work or more effective ways of managing your anxiety in stressful situations, we want to help you.

Our self assessment tools are designed to help you get a better understanding of how you feel and how your mental state compares with others. You will find tools that measure anxiety, depression, happiness and more. Please feel free to complete as many as you would like. You will be asked for your email address, we need this to send you the results and some helpful tips. All results are confidential. If the answers tell you something unexpected, we encourage you to get in touch with our team today, who can further elaborate on your results and help you understand what your next step is.

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Find out how valuable working with a professional psychologist could be and make use of our self assessment tools and psychological disorder tests today. Got a question? Fill in our contact form or send us an email at  and let our team help you get the answers you need.

Depression Quiz

Are you feeling down, depressed or hopeless? It’s a common problem which affects 1 in 4 of us. Complete this reliable psychological test and find out more about ways of overcoming low mood.

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Happiness Quiz

If your interested in enhancing your happiness and quality of life then you first need to take a baseline recording. Complete the Satisfaction with Life Scale and discover ways of increasing your happiness.

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How Happy are you?

Complete the Happiness Quiz and discover 10 ways to increase your happiness!

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